Types Of Food Poisoning

As I said earlier, most of the food poisoning is caused by the harmful germs like bacteria, viruses and parasites. There are different kinds of germs that cause several types of food poisoning differing from each other in nature, symptoms, intensity and effects. However, the food poisoning is categorized into two. They are:

Food infection: Food infection is defined as the illness which occurs due to consumption of a contaminated food. The food gets contaminated when the microorganisms grow into pathogenic organisms within the food. Bacteria, viruses and parasites cause food infection.

food poisoning treatment: food infectionFood intoxication: Food intoxication occurs when the toxins which are present in a food enter the body after the consumption. When atmosphere is good for specific bacteria types like Staphylococcus, Clostridium Botulinum, they release certain toxins which are basically chemical compounds. The scariest thing is, even if the germs that release toxins are absent in food or unable to infect, still food intoxication will occur.

food poisoning treatment: food intoxicationNow, you have understood the types of food poisoning. From next posts in this blog, you will become familiar with the germs which cause food poisoning.

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