Food Poisoning Germs: Viruses

Food poisoning is caused by some harmful germs which contaminate food items. When an individual consumes these contaminated food items, the harmful gems attack that person to cause sickness. In that case, food poisoning treatment should be given to that person immediately.

There are two important types of germs which cause food poisoning via contaminated food. They are grouped as bacteria and viruses. Let us begin with Viruses.

Viruses play major role in contaminating food and then causing food poisoning. In food poisoning, three groups of viruses are very notorious for harming people. Let us have a glimpse at each of them.

food poisoning viruses: norovirusNoroviruses: These viruses come from Caliciiridae family. They are round in shape. The ailment they cause is well known as stomach flu. They spread through contaminated water, shellfish, vegetables and person. The ailments caused by Noroviruses are commonly found in densely populated area like schools, hostels, restaurants, prisons, hospitals and cruise ships.
Though the severity of the ailments is mild, the symptoms contain diarrhea, low grade fever, vomiting, weakness, headache, loss of taste, nausea, and abdominal pain. The symptoms remain for 2 – 3 days and then disappear. Adults suffer more from this type of viruses.

food poisoning virus: rotavirusRotaviruses: These viruses belong to Reoviridae family. They severely affect infants and small children causing diarrhea. There are seven known species of Rotavirus. Among them, Rotavirus A is most notorious. These viruses are transmitted through contaminated hands, surfaces or objects which have come into the contact of either animal or human feces.

The symptoms of Rotavirus infection appear two days after an individual gets affected. The symptoms of this food poisoning infection are as follows; watery diarrhea, low grade fever and vomiting. The infected individual may die of dehydration if the proper treatment is not provided.

food poisoning virus: hepatitis AHepatitis A: This virus causes an acute infectious disease which is well known as Hepatitis A. This virus can affect an individual of any age. This virus thrives where hygiene conditions lack. Hepatitis A is spread by the fecal – oral route and this disease spreads quickly in a densely populated area. The most common media to spread this virus is contaminated food.

The symptoms take around 2 – 6 weeks to show up. The early symptoms of this food poisoning ailment resemble that of influenza. Hence, this will lead to lots of confusion. In some cases, the symptoms return after 6 – 9 months from the first appearance in an individual. The common symptoms are as follows; fever, nausea, depression, itching, diarrhea, jaundice, stomach pain, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, light colored feces etc.

Now, you have become familiar with these three types of virus. Hence, you should be careful from becoming one of the food poisoning victims of these viruses.

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