Food Poisoning Germs: Parasites – Giardia lamblia

Parasites play lesser role in causing food poisoning. But they can cause long-lasting symptoms though mild in nature. Usually they enter our body through contaminated or untreated water. In parasites, a single celled being – Protozoa and worms cause food poisoning. Now, let us have some knowledge about these parasites.

Giardia Lamblia: This is a protozoon which uses its five flagella to move from place to another. This parasite causes a type of food poisoning ailment called giardiasis which is one of the forms of non-bacterial diarrhea in North America. Though this food poisoning ailment can occur in anybody, children are the easy targets. But chronic giardiasis is very normal in adults.

food poisoning germs: giardia lambliaThe main source which spreads this protozoon to people is the contaminated water. Next comes the contaminated food which is handled by infected persons. Another Possibility is the contaminated vegetables.

The common symptoms of giardiasis ailment include stomach pain and diarrhea. Swelling, malaise, nausea, fatigue and sometimes, fever are the other symptoms. The degree of the symptoms of this food poisoning ailment varies from nil to mild to severe. In some cases, foul smelling stools and weight loss can occur.

Normally, this food poisoning ailment shows its symptoms in three or more weeks after the consumption. The ailment lasts for 2 – 4 weeks usually. But in some cases, this food poisoning ailment lasts for a long period of time. Though some patients recover from this food poisoning ailment without any treatment, treatment should be provided immediately.

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