Food Poisoning Germs: Bacteria – Escherichia Coli

Food Poisoning Bacterium: Escherichia Coli

food poisoning bacterium: ecoliEscherichia Coli: This is another type of bacterium responsible for food poisoning is normally found in raw vegetables, unpasteurized dairy products, live animals, contaminated water, and raw or undercooked meats. Even swimming in contaminated lakes, pools can pave the way to these deadliest bacteria to harm an individual. It can thrive in apple juice too if it is unpasteurized.

Like campylobacter, this bacterium is also spread via cross-contamination. This germ easily spread from person to person. Another carrier of these bacteria is filth flies. A small group of this bacterium can easily make an individual to fall sick by causing food poisoning. This bacterium also cannot survive at high temperature.

The symptoms of food poisoning caused by this bacterium may occur within few hours after the consumption or take 2 – 5 days. The children below the age of 6 and the elderly people are the easy targets to this bacterium. The common symptoms of this food poisoning type are severe stomach pain, mild fever and watery diarrhea. In later stage, if left untreated, an individual will experience bloody diarrhea. Then kidney failure will follow and leads to death of that person. Hence, food poisoning caused by Escherichia Coli Bacterium should be treated immediately.

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