The Common Causes For Food Poisoning

There are many things which cause food poisoning. Whatever the cause may be, the affected person will spend few painful hours of his/her life because of food poisoning. Anyway, the main cause for this ailment is the negligence. The other causes are listed below.

food poisoning treatment: contaminated food

food poisoning treatment: toxic food1. Presence of bacteria, viruses or parasites in food or water
2. Preparation of food in an unhygienic condition
3. Improper methods to store the foods in refrigerator such as raw meat without a proper covering
4. Foods contaminated by animals during the process of preparation or packing or harvesting
5. Contaminated produce
6. Undercooked foods especially raw meats, seafood and poultry products
7. Presence of toxic elements in food like poisonous mushrooms
8. Presence of pesticides on fruits and vegetables which are not cleaned well
9. Exposure of wounds or infections of food makers to foods
10. Leaving prepared foods in the open atmosphere and temperature for a long time
11. Unpasteurized dairy products

Keep in mind that any one of the above given causes is enough to trigger food poisoning. Hence, you must be very careful while purchasing, preparing, serving and having food. You know the saying, “prevention is better than cure”. You can easily prevent food poisoning by taking certain precautions which you will know later.

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