Food Poisoning Germs: Parasites – Giardia lamblia

Parasites play lesser role in causing food poisoning. But they can cause long-lasting symptoms though mild in nature. Usually they enter our body through contaminated or untreated water. In parasites, a single celled being – Protozoa and worms cause food poisoning. Now, let us have some knowledge about these parasites.

Giardia Lamblia: This is a protozoon which uses its five flagella to move from place to another. This parasite causes a type of food poisoning ailment called giardiasis which is one of the forms of non-bacterial diarrhea in North America. Though this food poisoning ailment can occur in anybody, children are the easy targets. But chronic giardiasis is very normal in adults.

food poisoning germs: giardia lambliaThe main source which spreads this protozoon to people is the contaminated water. Next comes the contaminated food which is handled by infected persons. Another Possibility is the contaminated vegetables.

The common symptoms of giardiasis ailment include stomach pain and diarrhea. Swelling, malaise, nausea, fatigue and sometimes, fever are the other symptoms. The degree of the symptoms of this food poisoning ailment varies from nil to mild to severe. In some cases, foul smelling stools and weight loss can occur.

Normally, this food poisoning ailment shows its symptoms in three or more weeks after the consumption. The ailment lasts for 2 – 4 weeks usually. But in some cases, this food poisoning ailment lasts for a long period of time. Though some patients recover from this food poisoning ailment without any treatment, treatment should be provided immediately.

Food Poisoning Germs: Bacteria – Vibrio Cholerae

Food Poisoning Bacterium: Vibrio Cholerae

food poisoning germs: vibrio cholerae

Vibrio Cholerae: This bacterium is responsible for Asiatic or epidemic cholera. Though anybody may become the target of this bacterium, the people who have damaged or weak immunity, or the people suffering from malnutrition, or reduced gastric acidity are very much prone to this type of food poisoning sickness. This bacterium releases cholera toxin when it enters into small intestine. This toxin causes the cholera disease.

This bacterium thrives where there is a lack of proper sanitation system. Eventually, this will contaminate water supplies and hence, outbreak of this type of food poisoning sickness. Another cause for this food poisoning sickness is the consumption of shellfish which are caught from polluted coastal waters.

The common symptoms of this food poisoning sickness include watery diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, stomach pain, vomiting, and shock, that happens due to the severe fluid and electrolyte loss. The symptoms may show up in between 6 hours – 5 days. In severe condition, an affected individual will experience acute diarrhea and heavy loss of electrolytes. In this type of food poisoning case, that person will die if the proper treatment is not provided immediately.

Food Poisoning Germs: Bacteria – Clostridium Botulinum

Food Poisoning Bacterium: Clostridium Botulinum

Food poisoning bacterium: Clostridium BotulinumClostridium Botulinum: This bacterium is an anaerobic, Gram-positive, spore-forming rod that releases a deadliest neurotoxin. There are seven types of this bacterium and four of them are capable of causing food poisoning. Though the occurrence rate of this food poisoning type is low, the death rate can be high if proper treatment is not given immediately. This bacterium is found everywhere like soil, water, air, animals etc.

This bacterium can be found in variety of foods which are less acidic. However, any food that supports the growth and toxin production of this bacterium causes the food poisoning sickness. Usually, this bacterium releases the toxin in many types of food like canned corn, mushrooms, beets, chicken, spinach, peppers, ham, lobster, asparagus, chicken livers and liver pate, green beans, sausage, ripe olives, smoked and salted fish, tuna fish, soups, stuffed eggplant, and luncheon meats.

Normally, the symptoms of this food poisoning type occur in between 18 – 36 hours after the consumption of the contaminated food. However, in some cases, they can occur in between 4 hours – 8 days. The symptoms of this food poisoning type at the beginning include weakness, dizziness and lethargy. Then the affected individual experiences blurred vision and difficulty in speaking as well as swallowing. That person may also experience stomach pain, constipation, fatigue of muscles, and difficulty in breathing. The treatment should be provided immediately when the food poisoning occurs caused by this bacterium.

Food Poisoning Germs: Bacteria – Shigella

Food Poisoning Bacterium: Shigella

Food poisoning bacterium: ShigellaShigella: This food poisoning sickness is also known as Traveler’s diarrhea. Shigella is a Gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore forming rod-shaped bacterium. This food poisoning sickness mainly occurs in humans rather than animals. The water contaminated with human feces is the breeding ground for this bacterium. For infants, the elderly and the individuals having weak immune system or suffering from diseases like AIDS, this food poisoning sickness can be very deadly.

This bacterium can be found in varieties of salad like potato, chicken, tuna, macaroni, and shrimp, raw vegetables, milk and dairy products, and poultry products. The most common causes for this food poisoning type are the contaminated water with human feces and unhygienic conditions during food handling.

The common symptoms of this food poisoning type consist of vomiting, stools with blood or pus or both, stomach pain, tenesmus, fever and diarrhea. Usually the symptoms begin to show up in between 12 – 50 hours after the contaminated food consumed. An individual with severe Shigella illness will experience mucosal ulceration, rectal bleeding, and extreme dehydration. Hence, immediate medical treatment should be provided when this type of food poisoning occurs.

Food Poisoning Germs: Bacteria – Bacillus Cereus

Food Poisoning Bacterium: Bacillus Cereus

food poisoning bacterium: bacillus cereusBacillus Cereus: These bacteria are gram-positives like Staphylococcus Aureus. Normally, they cause two types of food poisoning sickness. One is diarrheal type and other one is vomiting type. In some cases, food poisoning caused by these bacteria can lead to gangrene, lung swelling, septic meningitis, pyogenic infections and resulting into death.

The contaminated meat, dairy products, vegetables, and seafood can cause diarrheal type of food poisoning. On the other hand, rice products, potato, cheese products and pasta can cause vomiting type of food poisoning. The food items like sauces, puddings, soups, casseroles, pastries, and salads can also act as a platform for this Bacillus Cereus food poisoning.

An individual suffering from diarrheal type of food poisoning experiences the symptoms like watery diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea which last for 24 hours. Normally, the symptoms begin to show up in between 6 – 15 hours after the contaminated food eaten.

In case of vomiting type of food poisoning, an individual may experience nausea and vomiting which occur within 1 – 6 hours once the contaminated food is eaten. In some cases, that person may even experience stomach pain and diarrhea too. Normally, the symptoms do not last for more than 24 hours. Although in this food poisoning case, the treatment  should be given immediately.