Food Poisoning Treatment: Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning

Most of the food poisoning incidents form in kitchen. The main reason is the negligence of cooks while preparing food. In truth, incidents related to food poisoning can easily be averted if some precautions are taken. Below are some tips which must be practiced in kitchen. They are:

Food Poisoning

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1. Always wash kitchen utensils properly after the use. You must thoroughly clean dishes, counters and cutting boards in order to prevent food poisoning. The simple way to disinfect the cutting boards is to use a solution of 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach added to 1 liter of water. Spray the solution over the board and wash it thoroughly. Once it is done, you must dry the board completely.

2. In case, there is an undercooked turkey leftovers, remove the stuffings and store them separately. The turkey leftovers must be stored in refrigerator. However, after 3 days of storing the turkey leftovers, you must throw them out.

3. You should always store food items, especially meat in refrigerator. Otherwise, bacteria will grow rapidly over the food at kitchen temperature. Keep a thing in mind that an appearance or a smell cannot be used to gauge food contamination. It is because, in some cases, contaminated food does not change either in appearance or smell.

4. Food items such as raw meat and fish must always be kept away from cooked foods within the refrigerator. The best place to keep raw food is the freezer container in the refrigerator.

5. Avoid consuming food exposed to room temperature for hours. This applies to the foods at buffets too which usually are left for hours uncovered.

6. During the summer, food items can easily be contaminated by bacteria because of boiling temperature. Seaside or pool area is an ideal place for bacteria during this season. Hence, it is always advised to store your food properly in refrigerator.

7. This may sound like weird but it is recommended not to handle cash when you are about to serve food. This rule strongly applies to the food handlers at hotels and restaurants. The bank notes are the primary carriers of bacteria and can easily cause food poisoning.

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